Managed Services across technologies GSM 2G/3G, VHF/ HF & Transmission.We offer a complete range of telecom services that include world-class passive Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Network Planning, Design and Operations & Maintenance services. Range of services Installation/Commissioning, upgrade/downgrade, migration, rerouting, surveying, optimization,Testing, Planning, Design, implementation, modification, O&M and Human Outsourcing Project based on work Location India.

The promoters have both national and international experience of
• Survey of Wireless Mobile and Fixed line system
• Planning of Wireless links
• Installation of Mobile and fixed infrastructure
• Acceptance and Testing of Infrastructure
• Commissioning of Wireless infrastructure
• Training of Engineers

• Understanding customer
• requirement
• Installation Teams
• Commissioning Teams
• Operation Engineers
• Fault Monitoring
• Troubleshooting and Fault
• Localization
• Fault Rectification

Resource base:
• 35 Installation Teams
• 25 Commissioning Teams
• 15 Operation Engineers

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